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Provision that Keep Providing

I took part in a yard sale 2 weekends ago, and my plan was to try to sell all my baby clothes (*sniff*) along with a bunch of other STUFF.   I had already given away a few rubbermaid containers of … Continue reading

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My Reality

Above is my sink … right now – just a few minutes ago.  Not too bad – considering that not too long ago, things looked like the picture below:I’ve since gotten some laundry done … but what is it that … Continue reading

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I Love It When This Happens:

No, I don’t love that my migraines are back with a vengence.  I was just telling someone yesterday I haven’t had one in a while … and if I believed in superstition, I would have regretted not knocking on wood … Continue reading

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Busy Hands

As a mother to my 3rd child, I am older … maybe wiser … definitely more tired. But I have learned a few things in my years as a mom – and now that I have a toddler in my … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Random Thoughts

For no other reason other than to keep my online diary going and to share a few pictures of my lovely daughters, I am writing a little of what we have done/experienced in the last few days: 1.  Thursday it snowed!  On … Continue reading

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Snowy-Non-Snow Day

This morning we woke up to a light layer of SNOW!  Sadly, it wasn’t enough to cancel school. Because Andrew had to be at school super early to leave for a basketball tournament, I was responsible for getting Anna to … Continue reading

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Springtime in January

On Friday, it got up to almost 70 degrees outside!   It was the perfect day to try out Miriam’s new-to-her pink Radio Flyer tricycle. She got the hang of it pretty well … but the most fun was just rolling … Continue reading

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Between the Years

In Germany, the time period between Christmas and the New Year is often called the time “between the years” … Christmas has come and gone – and we are preparing and anticipating for the NEW YEAR while closing out the … Continue reading

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Small Town, USA

This morning I took my friend to the airport.  She is spending the weekend in New York City!  I’m jealous.  Not that I’d want to live in NYC, but I sure would love to visit it again.  I’ve been there … Continue reading

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30 Days of Thanks – Day 23

If you follow my blog, you know we’ve I’ve really been neglectful of making sure Miriam has a decent sleeping pattern.  With our first 2 kids, I was such a scheduled mom – the kids slept from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. and … Continue reading

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