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Playing Catch Up

Itchy fingers need to type … busy brains need to write … I haven’t touched this blog since last February when I shared the story of the passing of my father.  I have been focusing on new, less tell-all posts … Continue reading

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A friend gave me the above notebook almost 3 years ago when we moved away from Missouri.  It was very fitting then, and it seems to continue to be true!  Life continues to change, and we re-adjust.  Eventually, we get … Continue reading

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This Morning’s News

Well, for those of  you who don’t drink coffee, I’d offer you tea or hot chocolate!!  😉 It is Wednesday … my new “favorite day of the week”.   Back when I didn’t have to work outside the home, my … Continue reading

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Peace and Goodwill

What do you do on a January Saturday that is 60°F??! My guess is that you head for the great outdoors!  What great weather to rake some leaves and clean up your yard … chop and stack wood for your … Continue reading

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The Weekend Update

(title inspired by SNL on TV Land this morning … that channel has a WEIRD variety in their line-up!!) So, life here has suddenly turned into a circus again!!  Now that MiMi is back in school (albeit only 3 mornings … Continue reading

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False Concepts, Money, and Other Things that Make Me CrAzY

Sometimes I wonder what God would say to me if He could speak audibly to me?!  Would He laugh at my naïve efforts to try to figure Him out … Does He want to slap me upside the head and … Continue reading

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Fall Fashions

Miriam will be 20 months old on Monday … she’s inching closer and closer to age 2!  The “terrific” two’s!  With my older two children, I found the three’s were way more challenging than the two’s – with Miriam, we’ll just have … Continue reading

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It’s Just Money

If you know me personally or have read my blog for any amount of time, you know my story:  Army officer’s spouse turned ministry wife.  While we know without a shadow of a doubt we made the RIGHT CHOICE to … Continue reading

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Budget Bargains

Today it was time to do a little (more) Christmas shopping!!!  I took a friend & her home-schooled girls (to entertain Miriam) … and off we went to the BIG CITY.  After a successful stop at a grocery surplus store, we went to … Continue reading

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The Multi-Title Post

So many thoughts are swirling in my head tonight … so many things I want to share, and yet, I can’t seem to organize the things I am thinking about!!?!?! I want to tell you MY SECRET FOR MAINTAINING A … Continue reading

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