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What’s Cooking?

Hello Friends, Instead of focusing on how exhausting my life is right now, I’ve found something that energizes me!  Sadly, my new hobby doesn’t help me get my house cleaned, but it has put me into the kitchen a little … Continue reading

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Our “Wonderful” Life

I almost didn’t write my annual Christmas letter this year … in fact, IF you get a Christmas card from me at all, it probably WON’T include the letter that I ended up writing because it was much like the … Continue reading

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Between the Years Update

I’ve mentioned it before on my blog that this time between Christmas and New Years is called “between the years” in Germany … Christmas is over, but we’re still preparing and waiting for the next festivity:  New Years! I’ve found … Continue reading

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Enjoy a Silent Night

  On this Silent Night (well, sort of!), my kids are at least in their rooms … MiMi keeps coming in mine to report that her brother, talking via the computer/xBox with friends, is “bothering her” … but hopefully soon, … Continue reading

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A Little Hello

Hello, Little Blog and Friends who stop by … I’ve missed you. I’ve missed my life a little bit lately – the Hausfrau life.  Not that my job stresses me out … in fact, I really like it!  If I’m … Continue reading

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Christmas This Year

  This is how I feel about the Christmas Season right now:  weary but rejoicing … hopeful!!  Christmas will be different for us this year, for sure.  We are in a completely different place – not just physically in a … Continue reading

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The Snow Pictures!

My facebook feed is bursting with SNOW pictures from my Missouri and Arkansas friends …. Guess the Ozarks are pretty much blanketed in a few inches of snow (over an icy layer here thanks to the sleet/icy rain yesterday!). I bet we … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving / 1. Advent 2013

Sunday (December 1) was the 1st Advent … the 4th Sunday before Christmas!  Being of German heritage, the Advent season is important and meaningful – and I’ve always hoped that it would be a tradition I could pass down to … Continue reading

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What We Did This Christmas:

This time of year is a little cRaZy for us … we celebrate MiMi’s birthday, Christmas, and our anniversary in the span of a week!!  Then Daniel’s birthday is on January 1st … and then … we have NOTHING to … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!


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