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Playing Catch Up

Itchy fingers need to type … busy brains need to write … I haven’t touched this blog since last February when I shared the story of the passing of my father.  I have been focusing on new, less tell-all posts … Continue reading

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God Behind the Scenes

My life is but a weaving Between my God and me. I cannot choose the colors He weaveth steadily. Oft’ times He weaveth sorrow; And I in foolish pride Forget He sees the upper And I the underside. Not ’til … Continue reading

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Reflections – 2016

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful – but honestly, 2016 was a hard year.  For the first time in 23 years, I didn’t send out Christmas cards or write an annual family letter.  I just didn’t have much to say … Continue reading

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A Happy Project

I guess I am pretty good at having big ideas but never really following through on them … Lately, I’ve been thinking about my life, my attitude, even my blog …  just contemplating my purpose in combination with God’s will … Continue reading

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What Sustains Me Right Now:

There are days when I wonder what in the world I am doing with my life … Did God truly intend for me to just go to work, try to spend some quality time with my family, run errands, cook, … Continue reading

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Snippets from My Haus:

First of all, to know me, read this article: Rearview Perspective on Moving I’ve had friends tell me that they’ve always just penciled in my address because it changed so much!  Even within the cities we’ve lived in, we’ve often … Continue reading

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Little Things

Do you ever come to yourself and realize how shallow you really are (-or it that just me)??!  You finally see that the things you worry about are all such a waste of time in God’s perspective.  I’ve recently spent … Continue reading

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Monday: A Story Continued

Last week ended in an ironic situation that left me wanting to move to Australia … I really wonder sometimes if God delights in keeping me on my toes … and He delights in making me eat my words of … Continue reading

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THURSDAY: A True Story

There’s a lot of news & events to catch up on my blog … but this has been “one of those weeks” … and yesterday (Thursday) was “one of those days”.  I took some time when it was all over … Continue reading

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In Between

It is that time “between the years” again!  It seems to be a time of reflection for many people.  The year gone by:  good riddance or good times – or a mix of both.  The coming year:  ambitious plans for … Continue reading

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