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What’s Cooking?

Hello Friends, Instead of focusing on how exhausting my life is right now, I’ve found something that energizes me!  Sadly, my new hobby doesn’t help me get my house cleaned, but it has put me into the kitchen a little … Continue reading

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Over There

There are some fun articles over on the German blog: Something for a laugh – Seriously? and anticipation of the holidays and baking with some info about German/church holidays happening now:  Holiday Inspiration See you over there ….

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A Happy Project

I guess I am pretty good at having big ideas but never really following through on them … Lately, I’ve been thinking about my life, my attitude, even my blog …  just contemplating my purpose in combination with God’s will … Continue reading

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My Fathers

It is probably only if you know me really well (or paid attention to long ago blogs post, if you’ve been around a few years) that you know that the man who raised me actually adopted me.  My biological father … Continue reading

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Peace and Goodwill

What do you do on a January Saturday that is 60°F??! My guess is that you head for the great outdoors!  What great weather to rake some leaves and clean up your yard … chop and stack wood for your … Continue reading

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W is for Wuerzburg

  It is no big surprise if you know me that Würzburg, Germany should be my “W” destination for this A to Z Challenge today. Several of you have also lived in (or near) this beautiful city, so walk with … Continue reading

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A World Cup Day

This isn’t a part of my AtoZ Challenge or anything else too interesting but I am just writing down a memory … Today in the Sports World, the German national team plays Portugal in the 2014 World Cup – their … Continue reading

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G is for Graf(enwoehr)

I have visited and lived in several G locations:  Germany, Greece, Georgia, and this place: (picture source) Grafenwoehr, Germany.  Actually, it was my parents who lived here in the late 1990’s while my dad worked for the civil service.  Graf, … Continue reading

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F is for Frankfurt–Part 2, Take 2

  The A to Z Challenge continues!  To catch up, click here:  F is for Frankfurt, Part 1 and here:  F is for Fail Frankfurt’s airport, now referred to as Fraport, holds some of my most special memories!  This post … Continue reading

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F is for Frankfurt, Part 1

Forgive me for the delay in today’s A to Z Blogging Challenge.  This post began as somewhat of a Failure….My desktop died while I was attempting to post this earlier.  I have no idea if it has met its doom … Continue reading

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