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What’s Cooking?

Hello Friends, Instead of focusing on how exhausting my life is right now, I’ve found something that energizes me!  Sadly, my new hobby doesn’t help me get my house cleaned, but it has put me into the kitchen a little … Continue reading

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Over There

There are some fun articles over on the German blog: Something for a laugh – Seriously? and anticipation of the holidays and baking with some info about German/church holidays happening now:  Holiday Inspiration See you over there ….

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Our “Wonderful” Life

I almost didn’t write my annual Christmas letter this year … in fact, IF you get a Christmas card from me at all, it probably WON’T include the letter that I ended up writing because it was much like the … Continue reading

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Happy NON-Traditional Easter

It’s probably a good thing that I’ve spent the last 25 or so years of my life without a really close extended family or in any one particular home for too long (longest was the 12 years lived in Missouri … Continue reading

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Between the Years Update

I’ve mentioned it before on my blog that this time between Christmas and New Years is called “between the years” in Germany … Christmas is over, but we’re still preparing and waiting for the next festivity:  New Years! I’ve found … Continue reading

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30 Days of Thanks – 11/25-29/2014

Good intentions gone bad … story of my life!! Blog series that poop out at the end … happens every time. But “better late than never” is occasionally my motto … although, occasionally my motto is just “give up and … Continue reading

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Busy Days and a Recipe

EDIT:  gonna link up with Sandra today for (You should go over and check out her Slow Cooked Sirloin recipe!) ~~~~~~~~~~ Busy week, busy days … and this was supposed to be an easy, short week since we had Monday … Continue reading

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The Weekend Update

(title inspired by SNL on TV Land this morning … that channel has a WEIRD variety in their line-up!!) So, life here has suddenly turned into a circus again!!  Now that MiMi is back in school (albeit only 3 mornings … Continue reading

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“Quiet” Independence Day

    The older I get, the more my heart and body just longs to stay at home … not have to fight the crowds and not have to delve into my introvert brain to make polite conversation with strangers. … Continue reading

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Catching Up: Our Days

This week started with a holiday … unfortunately, Daniel had to labor on Labor Day, but since we are thankful that he even has a job, it was really ok (plus he gets holiday pay!).   He did just work an … Continue reading

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