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30 Days of Thanks – Day 5

Today I really, really, really need to focus my mind on thanks … what a day!  what a week!  TGIF tomorrow, I suppose.   (If anyone would like to hire a maid service for me, that would be great.  Especially if … Continue reading

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Me & Fred Sanford (for lack of better title!)

Last Sunday, I drove my son over 100 miles away to attend Arkansas Boy’s State for a whole week … It was something I’d never heard of before a month ago, but I guess it’s been going on for 75 … Continue reading

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Weekend Blessings

There are so many things that are blessings of just ordinary life … Sometimes I just have to REMIND MYSELF that the daily routine is something to be thankful for because WE CAN DO IT!  Illness or an accident could … Continue reading

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Late Night Rambles: Proceed with Caution

It’s late … it is a time when my brain can’t stop talking, and sometimes it just writing helps to kind of clear it out.  Unfortunately, my late night ponderings are often the ones I eventually regret or wonder if … Continue reading

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At the Corner of Healthy & Happy

This post will be a little backwards as I will start with the events of TODAY and go back to yesterday and the day before… So, it was a truly lovely day here in NW Arkansas today.  I had to … Continue reading

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Good Bye to Summer

I guess Summer isn’t officially over for a while yet … but for me, going back to school is the end of the Summer since it is the end of our break. Last week we enjoyed one last day of … Continue reading

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Signs and Consequences?!

  I’ve been to see the rental house that my heart really, really wants twice now (yesterday with Annie Belle and tonight with Daniel, Andrew, and Miriam).   Believe me, I’ve surveyed my friends and talked to several people -and … Continue reading

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U is for the Unexpected

I told you all I’d finished this A to Z Challenge … I just didn’t say WHEN I’d finish it!!  Not that anyone is truly waiting on me with bated breath …  So far I’ve shared some pretty special (to … Continue reading

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Lights at the End of the Tunnel

I am pausing my A to Z Challenge one more time … just to write my jumbled thoughts and to catch my blog up on our real life – and to document this potential turning point in our situation. I … Continue reading

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One year of Arkansas

I have 2 good friends who are married to TIMs … pity they can’t have this FREE personalized license plate! And how crazy is it to see 1 / 15 on there … JANUARY 2015!!  Wow.  I still remember 2000 … Continue reading

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