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Here We Go AGAIN:

We’ve been busy around here with the annual “end of the school year” events such as our school’s high school formal.  Annie invited a friend who attended her theater class to be her friend-date.  She is a home-schooler and was … Continue reading

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Time Passages …

I know it is so cliche’ … but TIME DOES FLY!  Babies become young adults in the blink of an eye.  Sometimes those baby and toddler years seem ENDLESS – the diapers, the long nights, the training, the teaching, the … Continue reading

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School Daze

Today it is rainy … it thundered and stormed throughout the night.  My 5 year old crawled into my bed around 4:00 a.m., rambling about the loud booms and noises keep her awake.  She wasn’t scared … she just wanted … Continue reading

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End of Another School Year

Actually, Friday is the last day of school for my high schoolers … high schoolers … *sigh* … when did that happen?!  Next year will be a year of mixed emotions – I’ll have a kindergartner and a Senior!  And … Continue reading

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The Weekend Update

(title inspired by SNL on TV Land this morning … that channel has a WEIRD variety in their line-up!!) So, life here has suddenly turned into a circus again!!  Now that MiMi is back in school (albeit only 3 mornings … Continue reading

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C is for Chattanooga

I am blogging from A to Z in April!  My theme is THE WORLD AS I HAVE SEEN AND EXPERIENCED IT.  It isn’t really a travel log … although it involves a wide variety of locations!  You are invited to … Continue reading

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Catching Up: Our Days

This week started with a holiday … unfortunately, Daniel had to labor on Labor Day, but since we are thankful that he even has a job, it was really ok (plus he gets holiday pay!).   He did just work an … Continue reading

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School Daze!

  Oh, how many times I have eaten my words as a parent!!  I mean, who hasn’t … but I had 6 years of marriage before I had a baby of my own to observe (and judge!!) how everyone else … Continue reading

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Today marks one week back at school.  And … so far, so good!  As we settle in, we are continually liking what we see, hear, and experience.  I realize there is no perfect school (just as we are NOT the … Continue reading

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School Days

My “big kids” marched off to school again yesterday (Thursday) … well, I drove them there … but I wanted a good opening sentence!  Honestly, it is good to be back.  There were a lot of advantages to home schooling … Continue reading

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