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#Blessed ?! in 2017

After an up-and-down 2016 which I was glad to see come to an end, 2017 has started out a little easier for us … and little more hopeful … For New Year’s/Christmas, I unexpectedly got a new (to me) car.  … Continue reading

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December, Already?!

It was a great weekend … Great because I only left the house out of necessity a few times and for very short periods of time!  After the Thanksgiving “break” the previous week, I definitely needed some time at home … Continue reading

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30 Days of Thanks – FAIL!

So, I guess I need to face the facts:  blogging just isn’t going to be working out on a regular basis.  It makes me sad because I’d rather just sit at home and read and write all day long … … Continue reading

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30 Days of Thanks – Day 5

Today I really, really, really need to focus my mind on thanks … what a day!  what a week!  TGIF tomorrow, I suppose.   (If anyone would like to hire a maid service for me, that would be great.  Especially if … Continue reading

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30 Days of Thanks – Days 3&4

Today we are celebrating our middle child … our fun-loving, tenderhearted Annie-Belle. When we were expecting Annie, Daniel was still in the Army.  At the time and place where we were stationed, OB care was more like an assembly line … Continue reading

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30 Days of Thanks – Day 2

While I’m not really always thankful for Mondays any more … I am thankful I have a job.  Today was my payday – and I am thankful God is providing for us through employment.  It wasn’t my fondest wish to … Continue reading

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30 Days of Thanks – Day 1

In November of 2009, about a year after I started blogging, I started celebrating 30 Days of Thanks in November.  I’m not sure I managed to follow through every year since, but the years I did, it was such a … Continue reading

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30 Days of Thanks – 11/30/2014

  My FAVORITE part of “30 Days of Thanks” is that it ends on MY BIRTHDAY, November 30!!  For some reason, I have just always loved my birth date.  I’m thankful I was born on the very last day of … Continue reading

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30 Days of Thanks – 11/25-29/2014

Good intentions gone bad … story of my life!! Blog series that poop out at the end … happens every time. But “better late than never” is occasionally my motto … although, occasionally my motto is just “give up and … Continue reading

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30 Days of Thanks – 11/24/14

Today I’m thankful for a pretty uneventful, non-irony-filled day!! I went to work … settled in to my little office, which by the way, I LOVE (put up pics of the family today and my certificates and college degree, which … Continue reading

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