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Hodgepodge – 9/13/17

Sometimes I hodgepodge here … sometimes I hodgepodge there.    That’s the fun of having 2 very different blogs (though this one is far more neglected!). Anyway, today, join me (and our hostess Joyce and friends) HERE: 1. Is a picture … Continue reading

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Fall Back:

In honor of TIME CHANGE tonight … some thoughts about TIME on the German blog:  

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For Your Reformation Day (10/31):

On the New Blog: a post about Reformation Day and The Word for Sunday (from 10/30/2016)    

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A Weekend Treat:

Boy, do I have a treat for you … literally! On the “new” blog, I am sharing a recipe for German Apfelkuchen. Click this link:   Ein Klein Bisschen German. Have a good weekend!

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HodgePodge-ing! 9/14/2016

I wish I had more time to Hodgepodge … and tonight (Tues) I am making time to join Joyce and friends for some FUN blogging – no heavy, deep, introverted thoughts …. just answers the following questions: 1. What’s changed … Continue reading

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Back to School

This is such a changing season of life for me … maybe because we aren’t where I expected to be … maybe because we are RIGHT where God wants us to be.  Maybe He needs me to be solely dependent … Continue reading

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Playing Hookie

As a mother/wife/adult/employee/Christian, I’m often confused about the Christian principle of “being a servant” and “being self-less” and all that (which are true concepts in the Bible) and its seeming conflict with “taking care of yourself” and doing things that … Continue reading

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How Our Van Teaches Me Life Lessons (just trust me on this one!)

Believe it or not, my van taught me a life lesson this week … That is a little “out there” – but that’s how my poor, over-thinking brain works.  If you read this post to the end, perhaps – and … Continue reading

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While I Wait

Thank you, friends, for your prayers for our recent circumstances (well, MINE, mostly!!). Currently, I am just waiting … I had a meeting with the pharmacy’s owner and the head pharmacist this morning.  Thankfully, I’ve had since last Wednesday to … Continue reading

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A Confession:

It’s supposedly a Scottish proverbs that says, “Open confession is good for the soul.” Psalm 119:26 says, “I have declared my ways, and thou heardest me: teach me thy statutes.” in the King James … and as I’ve studied upon … Continue reading

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