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Project 1650 to 1340: And Done!

We have been in our house for 5 months now. It took a little getting used to driving different routes and learning to get around in our new area. But I’m already learning the back roads and best ways to … Continue reading

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Project 1650 to 1340: the HOO

HOO = Home Owners Orientation We had ours on Friday afternoon, Feb 11. With our builders, that means the house is COMPLETED and ready for closing! We did a walk-through and talk-through with the community manager and construction supervisor. They … Continue reading

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Project 1650 to 1340: Check-Up

My oldest daughter and I took a little Sunday drive up the road to check out our new subdivision. 4 homes have officially closed … and probably 20 lots are in various stages of the building process. One advantage, I … Continue reading

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I realize not everybody loves snow and cold. I realize some people have to get out and work despite the weather conditions … and I have been one of those in the past. My husband skidded his way to work … Continue reading

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Let’s Catch Up:

Today I feel this urge to write – to document life lately … I get the urge often, but lack the time & energy. Besides, do you all really want to hear about my days that go something like this: … Continue reading

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Realizations #2

When I was young I had this unspoken list of things I couldn’t even begin to imagine – like a list of things I thought I’d never be able to overcome … or I prayed would never happen to me. … Continue reading

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Realizations #1

In about 70 days, I will hit a milestone birthday … half a century that I’ve been on this earth, learning, growing, failing, falling, finding my way through all sorts of situations I never expected or imagined….and coming closer to … Continue reading

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Hodge Podge 5/27/20

Joining Joyce for HodgePodge as it seems to keep my blog going and my thoughts flowing … 🙂   1. The US of A celebrated Memorial Day this past Monday. Does your family have any military ties? If so, tell … Continue reading

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What’s New?

Well, if you came here expecting to hear something exciting … You came to the right place.  😉 No, nothing is new in MY life … I’m still working, (one more week of) home-schooling, and trying to wrap my head … Continue reading

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Corona Daze

How long have we been doing this quarantine thing?   Mim’s school closed March 16, and that’s been about 7 weeks ago. I am living my dream – home-schooling — except I’m still paying tuition – and we do our school … Continue reading

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