Project Downsize: Kitchen

I will admit … I miss this kitchen with its GIANT pantry.

BUT with the determination to DOWN SIZE, a lot of dishes and gadgets have been donated, trashed or passed on to my son’s bachelor pad. And my new kitchen is small but functional:

These cabinets are strategically filled with the most useful things. Extra dishes, crock pots, the bread machine, the blender, and other such items are stored in the china cabinet or the laundry room.

FUNNY thing about our new fridge: the front door is NOT magnetic! Magnets will not stick to it (only to the sides). So much for our idea of covering our scratch-and-dent fridge’s flaws with magnets. Ha!

BUT I did find a cute way to display our extensive magnet collection – thanks to this board from Hobby Lobby:

I was on the lookout for a kitchen cart or cabinet due to the lack of cabinets I have. A friend told me she’d found some open storage and really liked it … and I too found this open shelving at Target (they have a new line called Brightroom) that fits my space and meets the need for a coffee station and additional storage:

And my pantry is a work-in-progress. I think I can do better than this – but for now, I am satisfied with what all I was able to stack and store and organize:

I’ve cooked a few meals by now and baked some treats … and it works out just fine. Sometimes more than one body in the kitchen gets a little tricky – but we’ll get used to maneuvering around each other.

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2 Responses to Project Downsize: Kitchen

  1. Tanya says:

    I really like what you have done! The magnet board is really, really cute. 🙂

  2. Rebekah says:

    You’ve done a great job on the kitchen! I love the magnet board. We have so many magnets but didn’t like the idea of putting them on our new, pretty fridge. Lol Love the magnet board idea. And your new shelf is exactly what we use in our pantry, we have a couple of them. They’ve traveled all over the world with us and are still in great shape. It will hold up well! I found baskets and large mason jars have been great in my new pantry. Baskets keep things organized and the jars help me to see everything…pastas, rice, baking goods, spices, etc.

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