SETTLING IN: Project 1650 to 1340

Looking back on 2022 so far, it’s been a wee bit crazy!! Living in this house seems a little surreal. In the last few days, I’ve been working from home due to a tornado taking down our internet/phones/electric last week! THANK THE LORD our building was fairly spared while the ones around us were gutted and across the street was flattened! I attribute that to our boss praying over us every day. So, I’ve finally BEEN HOME a few days to soak it all in.

I won’t re-cap all the things … but we just got back from a quick Spring Break trip to see my dad and catch up with some friends. 🙂 which was AMAZING! And bittersweet as we sorted through some of my mom’s things. Which means MORE STUFF to bring home – but things I am glad to have.

My little bedroom has become my favorite place. It is smaller than my old one, but we bought a new, smaller headboard. My desk is no longer in my room, but I’ve got my little work center nearby.

My view across the room is this corner that has my very favorite picture of my Oma – taken in the early 1950s. Plus I made a little collage of my favorite French prints: a little oil we picked up in Giverney (Monet’s hang-out near Normandy) and a poster from Mount Ste. Michel (which I have since found a frame for at Goodwill!) and a Van Gogh we also found while thrifting a long time ago.

The chair there was also my German grandparent’s.

Dan has a little corner as well. He’s never had a “love me” wall as they call them in the military … with all his awards and certificates. I did put up a few favorite pictures – my Opa, Dan’s great-grandfather who was in the Danish army, and Dan on an Army chopper. Plus his commission and a few favorite awards/commemorative times from his Army days. He doesn’t really like the attention, but this is something I am proud of – and normally only we can see.

While our room is somewhat compact, we do have the whole back length of the house as part of our master “suite”. We have a huge closet, that is kind of a L-shape and part of it serves as a storage. Our bathroom is ok … despite not getting the walk-in shower I’d hoped for. It’s all good.

Seeing some old familiar things (that Target-clearance berry wreath has been with us FOREVER! Probably 10 years!) and hanging some memories and souvenirs remind me of all the other places we’ve already seen and the people some of those things belonged to. It is starting to feel like home.

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2 Responses to SETTLING IN: Project 1650 to 1340

  1. Tanya says:

    I missed this post somehow so just now seeing the pictures. I really like the way you hung pictures in certain areas. And that chair — gorgeous and sentimental! Love that!! So nice to see how the house is becoming a home.

  2. Amy says:

    Just beautiful. The before moving photos were of a house. This is a home. ❤️

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