“Really, I’m Fine”

I have neglected blog reading for a while just due to LACK OF TIME …

So, today I finally had a chance to catch up on some reading and came across this article:


No, Really, I’m Fine

Wow … a lot of that I could have written too – in fact, I did somewhat write that on Thursday night after my failed attempt to connect with some ladies from my church … I see myself in the broken relationships, lack of wanting to trust, and the isolation-ism!!

Some quotes that resonated with me:

Here’s how Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend describe isolation in their book Safe People:

“Typically, people who [learn to do without friendship] don’t make a big fuss about things. They get their lives in order. They bury themselves in work, service, or other worthwhile venues. And they try not to think about what they’re doing without.

The disconnected part of the soul isn’t a very rude or demanding entity. It tends to die quietly, gradually withering away like a starving infant. After a period of time, you may no longer even be able to feel the pain of isolation. At that point, less pain but more damage is occurring.”

~ and ~

I became a woman with her face pressed to the glass, peering in through social media. I desperately wanted to connect but couldn’t find the courage. The Bible calls this broken-heartedness.

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” {Psalm 34:18}

~ * ~

And this ending:

Are you the mom who has “had it” with people? Like me, with your face pressed to the glass? Have you resolved to live in isolation because it feels safe? If so, I trust God will comfort you, the way He has comforted me, and meet you where you are now. I hope you will find the strength and courage to teach your children that life is richer when we share it with others.

~ * ~

I am cautiously hopeful that my new business with Mary & Martha won’t just be another way I can keep busy and cover my isolation … but perhaps become an outlet where I too can learn that “life is richer when we share it with others.”

Thank you to all my friends here on my little bloggy corner of the world who do just that:  share life with me!





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Raw. No Filter.


I just wrote this post tonight to vent my feelings – without a lot of editing … Feelings, which are swirling around in my brain and beg to be written down & sorted out.  This is a true story … and I don’t really need sympathy.  I’m just making a point … and yes, we probably need to find a new church soon (it may make sense after you read this?), but we are somewhat obligated to stay right now.  While life is mostly blessed and okay here in the Arkansas, some nights, it just isn’t.  Just for a little while …

And in CONCLUSION:  God is always kind … after I left the meeting tonight, a friend called me – a far-away friend, someone from my past – and she was having a bad day, too.  And so, we mutually cheered each other up.  See, there is a happy ending!


Usually I’m pretty proud of being independent.  I was expertly making my way through international airports at age 13, as soon as they’d let me fly from America to Frankfurt without a stewardess assigned to me for my yearly summer trips across the Atlantic to see my German grandparents.  I’ve planned out trips, coordinated bus and train schedules, and managed money at an early age.  I went to college at age 17, and when I turned 18, my parents moved an ocean away from me.  And that was the last time I ever lived near them.

When I got married, we moved 3,000 miles from “home” … just about as far as you could get – to the other ocean, the Pacific!  And we moved a lot after that, always an exciting adventure.  It was sometimes hard to explain where I was from because we’d moved several times while I was growing up as well.  But I made friends who also weren’t really sure where they were from either … and I met people who had half and step siblings just like me!  And I met those who knew exactly where they haled and who came from intact families … but really, that didn’t even matter.

While we were in the military, our friends often became our family and were the ones we relied on.  After all, we were in the same boat – far from home, no one else to call in the middle of a crisis, the new kid on the block.

And I was okay with that too.  Usually.

Then I had kids … and my kids had no close grandparents or family to spoil them, to babysit so we could go away, or to give us a break when we were sick.  Again, often friends would step in and do that for us.  We always managed.

Even now, I rarely ask for help, and when I do, I really hate it and preface my request with all kinds of excuses for the person I’m asking to have an out from the obligation.

I was strong … I am strong!  I’ve moved entire households across town with just my minivan and my teenage son.  I’ve coordinated more trips and address changes and vehicle repairs and school meetings and family calendars … without any help.  I can do it.

But sometimes … especially now a days … I just want my mom.  I want someone to talk to who KNOWS ME, who knows my past, and who is interested in what is going on in my life.

Sure, I have a caring husband and I have 3 great kids … but sometimes, I’ll admit, I am lonely.

We left a lot behind when we moved to Arkansas almost 2 years ago … and I’ve rehashed it and grieved over the loss and came to grips with it … several times over.  But now I realize I have very few local, real-life friends, ironically at the crux of beginning a home business that focuses on FRIENDS and HOSPITALITY.

And maybe, I don’t even know how to make friends any more.  I don’t trust just anyone with my stories and my heart.

And ironically, right now, no one (local) cares about my stories and my heart … seemingly.  Perhaps I’ve pushed people away … or perhaps the few people I have met here actually don’t need me.  They have all grown up together, one big happy family.

Really, I think they just never had to go away and be “the new kid,” and they always had family close by to help them through any situation they were going through.  The kids they went to high school with are the friends they are raising their children to be friends with.

I don’t think they know what to do with me.  I have no history with them … I am the great unknown as well.

Tonight – for the first time – I went to a church ladies’ meeting… and I prayed that I’d be able to get past my fears and to open up my heart just a crack.   And I tried!  I really did.

I said “hi” and smiled at everyone who dared make eye contact with me when I came in the room.  I made polite conversation about the food spread on the buffet, and when I didn’t find someone to chat with there, I moved into the kitchen to ask to help.  But they were busy – in a familiar pattern of preparing food that only people have who have worked together for many years have.  I stood in the corner and observed – as introverts tend to do – but I tried to fix a pleasant look on my face.  I said “hello” to those who walked by me.  I tilted my head toward the group that was engaged in conversation right by me.

And I wilted just a little.  I felt a little awkward after a while of standing alone, so I moved into another room, but there was nowhere to sit and no one motioned me over to talk to them or sit by them.  I didn’t really know what to do with myself … this “ladies meeting”, I suppose was just a gathering of friends, old friends.  And so, I left.

That’s right.  I left.  I picked up my purse and walked down the foyer and out the front door.  And I don’t think anyone even noticed.


Let this be a lesson for me … always talk to the “new girl” – seek out the wall hugger – make room for someone who seems out of place.  No matter if you have known them since kindergarten or have never seen them before.  (Believe me, I would have done this tonight, if I wasn’t the only one!)


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When Opportunity Knocks …


I have shared the lovely items that my bloggy friend Rebecca has given me over the last few months, starting with the LOVELY house-warming gifts when we moved in July:


The wrought iron wall art (hung with special – and inexpensive – brick hangers from Lowe’s) and the 2 candle pillars are products from Mary & Martha.

I’ve used them during Christmas …


and now the Easter/Spring season:


I also enjoy my Mary & Martha coffee mug that I won (from Rebecca’s website)


and I have sampled Mary & Martha coffee.

Mary & Martha coffee is premium, fresh and has an incredible story. Our partners, a missionary family, moved to Honduras with a passion to help farmers grow profitable businesses and invest in them spiritually.

ANYWAY, I never dreamed *I’d* run my own home business, let alone in direct sales … I mean, HELLO??!?!?!  Do you know ME?  Introvert extraordinaire!   Anti-social!  Not trusting of strangers!  Not big on wanting to make friends right now!

BUT I am realizing, I *need to* make friends –  Realizing I have no outlet for myself right now –  Realizing I will never be able to have a ministry or do anything of value if I just spend all my time alone or with my family –  Realizing my reclusive-ness is a poor testimony for my children.

Suddenly, an opportunity DROPPED INTO MY LAP … a no-risk gift to participate in something outside myself.  I can’t share the details, but it was something I couldn’t refuse … and really, something that was offered to me BY GOD through a person listening to His voice.  (Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it … and at the time, it really was … it got me all teary!!)

And so, as of yesterday, I am an independent consultant for Mary & Martha!

I have already set up my website … and a facebook page.  Check them out if you’re curious what this is all about.  “LIKE” my facebook page to stay informed.

I promise my blog won’t turn into a MARY & MARTHA promoting site!  Although, when I have give-aways or the monthly specials are just too good to NOT share, I will definitely pass them along here.

For now, I just wanted to SHARE this gift I’ve been given (an opportunity to have a HOME BUSINESS and to get a hold of MORE of the products that I really like!!  And to share those with my friends).  I am taking this as a gift from the Lord … an opportunity He gave me that I can share.

I do welcome you to look at the catalog online because it is just FUN to look at!




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Hodge-Podge 4/22/15

It has been 100 years (or a few months??) since I’ve joined Hodge Podge … I have missed it and am tickled to have some time to join in today:
1. Have you ever had to wear a uniform? If yes, tell us more. Did you love it or hate it?
I think we had a “uniform” of sorts when I worked at McDonalds with my Bestie back in college (we lasted there a few months but had to pay our college bill).  I can’t say I even remember that exactly … so I guess I didn’t love or hate it!

When I worked for a Christian school, I had to wear panty hose and a skirt or dress EVERY DAY … I didn’t mind the dress/skirt so much but I HATED those panty hose and in the winter often wore knee socks!!  or tights.

2. April 22nd is Earth Day. What is one thing you do personally to be a good steward of planet Earth?

In our city, our trash company helps us to recycle by providing us with free pick-up and containers for paper, glass, plastics and cardboard as well as yard waste.
Having lived in Germany, recycling isn’t such a foreign concept to me, my German grandparents recycled bottles and glass way back in the 70s and 80s before it was truly the “earth friendly” thing to do.
3. Brown rice, quinoa, or couscous…your healthy grain of choice? How often are one of the three on your menu at home?  Given a choice between white rice, brown rice, wild rice, and fried rice which would you go for? 
I’d go for FRIED RICE every time.  My recent “diet” (or “life style change”) required me to give up white rice … tried brown rice and frankly, I’d rather have NO rice than that stuff.  I am a little curious about quinoa and couscous.  I’d be willing to try it.
4. In your opinion, who has the best job ever?
The person who gets to work from home ….
5. What’s a situation in your life currently requiring patience? 
Our finances.  :(   Due to never ending car problems, our “get out of debt in 5 year” plan has turned into a “get out of debt in 6 years if we’re lucky” plan.
6.  Do you live your life around days of the week? Explain.
Yes, especially since I started working full time again.  Also, I work in my own private office most days but on Tuesdays I work as a pharmacy technician … and honestly, me and my feet are always glad when Tuesday is OVER!
7. In a nod to the A to Z challenge happening around town this month, what ‘R word’ best describes your April? 
Rolling with the punches …
8. Insert your own random thought here.
I have been presented with a wonderful opportunity recently … and I’m going to GO FOR IT!  You’ll just have to wait and see what that is … I’m kind of Revitalised.  :)
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Daybook – 4/9/15

For Today… Thursday, April 9, 2015
Outside my window…
I am sitting in my little office in the back of the building … no windows!  But “they” tell me it is gray and supposed to rain.
I am thinking…
I can’t wait for the WEEKEND!  My husband nor I have to work (unless he gets an offer to pull over-time but I’ve given him “permission” to turn it down – he’s worked til midnight already on Monday and last night – from 7:30 a.m.).
I am thankful…
For a hard-working husband who is willing to do “the hard things”.  In fact, he would rather forgo something comfortable for himself (like having a reliable car with A/C and heat and a radio) so the rest of us can have something nice (or to pay off our debt, which seems to be the case these days!).
I am wearing…
a t-shirt and jeans … PEACH colored flats.  Typical “work” uniform.  No dress code at my office (a first in my life!!! LOL)
I am creating…
stacks of neglected paperwork on my desk.  (Don’t tell my boss!)
I am going…
to lunch soon!!!  :)
I am wondering…
how my blood work results will be on Monday!  I have a history of super high triglyceride levels (like over 500 when normal should be under 150) … but I’ve been watching what I eat since February 25 and have lose about 13 lbs.  I hope
that makes a difference.
I am reading…
nothing interesting right now.  I usually read every night before bed – but lately I’ve been doing the daily newspaper’s crossword puzzle instead.
I am hoping…
that my new “healthier lifestyle” will last forever!!  I’m not very good at being consistent.  :(
I am also hoping my family – particularly my husband and 14 year old daughter will get on board with wanting to become healthier as well.
I am learning…
to daily choose joy, daily forgive myself and accept God’s mercies, daily not worry about tomorrow, daily look for something good in my life, daily BE THANKFUL.
In my kitchen…
trying a few new treats for my new life-style:
1 cup natural peanut butter
1 egg
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla
8 tsp Trim Healthy Mama Sweet blend (or other natural sweetner such as stevia and erythritol)
1/4 tsp stevia (would have to adjust if not using sweet blend)
Mix all ingredients but the peanut butter …. Mix very well!  Add pb and mix again.
Drop “balls” of dough on cookie sheet and mash down w/ a fork (a la “peanut butter cookie style)
Bake at 350° F for 10 minutes
A favorite quote for today…
A peek into one of my days…
On a typical “work day”, I get up around 6:45 a.m.
I get dressed/ready and then work on getting my 5 year old up and dressed.  The “big kids” (who are 14 & 16) are responsible for themselves.
The kids go off to school … and I go to work.
I work in a pharmacy/medical equipment  billing office every day except Tuesdays which is when I put on my “Pharmacy Technician” hat and work in the pharmacy.
I get home between 4:15 to 5:15 p.m., depending on when/how long I took lunch, what’s going on, etc.
Sometimes I prep dinner if I go home at lunch time (I work about 4 miles from home!) … otherwise, I make dinner.
After we eat, who knows … sometimes we go do something or grocery shop or work on the yard or just veg out.  It depends.
My goal is to be in bed by 10 to 10:30 p.m. That doesn’t always happen.
One of my favorite things…
traveling … I miss airports!
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The Passage of Time.




This is one of my favorite quotes … or it has been over the course of the last few years.  Life. Goes.  On.

It goes on whether you’re happy about it or sad … bitter or better … in worse shape or great shape.  It goes on until God says you’re done.

Nothing seems to define life better than watching children grow up – or seeing someone after many years.  Some people “never change” – but particularly the children, they change A LOT!

April 2010:




April 2015:

Scan0001 (2)


Those 5 “short” years represent SO MUCH change in my life:  change of location, of situation, financial, spiritual, emotional … change of heart and attitude.  Changes physically.  Ups and downs.  Some pretty extreme changes.

But life went on … even on those days when we thought NOTHING would ever be right again.  Life went on … when we were out of resources.  Life went on … when we left behind the familiar.  Life went on … day by day.

My testimony is this:  even as life went on, God kept all His promises.





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Happy NON-Traditional Easter

It’s probably a good thing that I’ve spent the last 25 or so years of my life without a really close extended family or in any one particular home for too long (longest was the 12 years lived in Missouri – 4 years in military housing and 8 in our own home!) …

I don’t set my heart too much on traditional celebrations of holidays.  I mean, there are certain things my children expect on their birthdays or such … but overall, we have been in so many different homes in so many different locations, often times so far away from my family … I’m seriously OK with NOT having a traditional family celebration sometimes.

This year, I was asked what I was doing for Easter … and my crazy yet HAPPY answer was:  I’m spending it ALONE.  Yes, really.

And that’s ok.

It isn’t that my immediate family abandoned me so much as I gave them permission to go.  I had to work on Saturday due to switching work days with a co-worker.  It turns out my husband’s brother was coming to their parents home for a quick weekend visit.  And I told my husband to take the kids and go see them!  And so, when I left for work Saturday morning, they went to my in-laws house.

I cherish quiet far more than I felt the need to go to my in-laws house again since I’d just been there over my “so called Spring Break“.   And believe me, these last 24 hours or so home alone has been such a BALM to my chaotic soul.

I thrive on quiet and calm … on things being in order and organized.

After a fairly quiet 4 1/2 hours at work on Saturday morning (thank goodness!!), I came home to this scene:

The kitchen – dishes overflowing the sink.


The living room- laundry that was hastily done on Friday night so the kids could have clothes for the weekend … plus the usual chaos of the week of work and school and exhaustion at nights.



And my girls’ room … *sigh*.

I do give them a break since it is a fairly small room shared by 2 girls with very different age levels of interest and stuff.


I braced myself with a yummy salad.





ok, and just maybe an “off-plan” snack to give myself some fortitude! 20150404_194309


And I began Operation Organization.  It’s kind of weird, but I thrive on this.  Cleaning without disturbance, without having to stop to feed my family or answer questions or run someone to some appointment.

I also took a quick trip to Target and Walmart for supplies:  a bright new (and inexpensive) kitchen rug for the sink area and some organizers for the girls’ room.

And some quiet alone time browsing for me!




My evening reward was a nice, clean kitchen!!



And a nice clean fridge (took every OUT and cleaned all the shelves, etc)20150405_140653


And because I am a nice mommy … and more so because I can’t stand chaos … I cleaned and organized the girls’ room.



I changed out MiMi’s winter clothes for her spring/summer ones and organized their closet which often serves as MiMi’s “play room”.


The bathrooms got a GOOD scrubbing … complete with running the bathroom rugs through the wash.  

And I even freshed up my bedroom.



Today I celebrated Easter morning with a preacher I really enjoy on TV.  Then I set my Easter table with the kids’ “traditional” little gifts for when they come home later today.

It isn’t much this year … but one thing this weekend reiterated to me is that Easter is still Easter … and Jesus still arose … even if I didn’t get Easter baskets or wear my Easter dress or cook a ham.


So, it wasn’t a traditional Easter … but I am still feeling SO VERY BLESSED.


Happy Easter.






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Our Sort-Of Spring “Break”

Hello, Little Neglected Blog!

There just isn’t anything new or interesting to discuss these days … there’s no pictures to share.

We sort of had “Spring Break” this week.  The kids were off school; Daniel took the week off.  As the ironies of my life go, the 2 days I took off work to spend “with my family” were a bust.  It rained, it was COLD, a certain member of the family we went to visit was in a bad mood.

We scrambled on Thursday morning to get to Silver Dollar City as we promised the kids.  I was ready to scrap the whole trip, but the certain above-mentioned grumpy family member INSISTED we go.   We arrived at SDC at 8:30 a.m. … the 4th vehicle in the parking lot as the park didn’t open until 9:30.  Yeh,  fun.  In the rain.  Cold.

Oh well …. today I went back to work – it was almost a relief.  Drew went to work despite feeling achy and fever-ish.  :(  Daniel is mourning his last day of his “vacation week” – and soon it will be back to over-time and long hours.  Too bad you can’t ever bottle up “relaxation”!

Wow, aren’t we a little ray of sunshine?  (Sunshine?  What’s that!?)

There are happier things going on.  My weight loss is at 10 lbs … in one month.  Slow but steady.

The girls are spending a few days with my in-laws where we left them after the ill-fated Silver Dollar City trip.  Daniel and I have enjoyed 2 quiet dinner dates while Drew is at work.  We have decided we’re going to be OK when we are empty-nesters.

OH – and MiMi has her first LOOSE TOOTH!!  When did my baby turn into such a big girl?!

Tomorrow I work.  4 1/2 hours.  Then my girls will be home -and the regular work week will kick in – school.  work.  school.  work.

And that’s ok.  It’s our every day normal.  Along with the crazy things that come up in between.  :)  And I’m thankful.


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The Healthy Hausfrau Update: 3/19/15

How much did your babies weigh when they were born??  Mine were 7 lbs, 7 oz; 7 lbs 6 oz; and 7 lbs respectively:  Drew, Annie-Belle, and Mimi.

Why do I ask?  Well, it puts things in perspective for me.  I have lost 8 lbs and 2 oz since I first began my new “life style” change / semi-THM diet on February 25.  That’s more than one of my newborns!!

These are technically 8 lbs and 2 oz that I SHOULD NOT HAVE EVER PUT ON in the first place … and believe me, I’ve got plenty more I could give up!!  BUT lest I beat myself up for letting myself go in the first place, I wanted to be thankful that I AM GETTING HEALTHIER!  My sugar consumption is at an all-time low.  :)

I haven’t done things 100% the Trim Healthy Mama way because I *will* eat bananas and I *will* use honey again in the future (2 of God’s gifts they discourage because of their high glycemic index factors).  Same goes for potatoes!  I will eat them again – and I have actually had a super small baked potato and some amazing HOME MADE-HAND MADE potato chips in the last few weeks.

My main goal isn’t to deal with weighing out my proteins and carbs and fats (like THM wants you to) … but to focus on GOOD proteins and carbs and fats.  I’ve loved eating 1/3 less fat cream cheese, natural peanut butter, and sour cream!  Oh, and my Greek yogurt (MiMi calls it “Mom’s ice cream” because the Oikos OOO kind that I get is SO creamy).

I’ve probably had “an apple a day” (along with some almonds) as snacks … and coffee each morning with sugar-free creamer.  Today I had BACON for breakfast.   (Even though there ARE pop-tarts in the pantry.)  I’m eating berries and wonderful salads almost daily – plus veggies like celery and bell peppers.

I’ve had a few bites of birthday cake at work or a small bowl of ice cream once … and I don’t feel guilty.  This is about BEING HEALTHY.  Making good choices … and now the goal is to KEEP AT IT!

I miss bread … a little … but I eat WASA rye crisps and other sort-of breads for now.  It is pretty easy to throw out the mushy buns when I have had a cheeseburger (or bacon cheeseburger!) for lunch.  I try to include a side salad … which I love … with a creamy dressing or oil-based dressing (just a few teaspoons).

Don’t ask me too much about my water consumption.  That is SO hard for me.  :(~  I do drink at least one bottle of water at work … with the help of a crystal light-type flavor packet.  AND in a desperate moment I do drink Diet Coke (my life-long addiction) – but that might be better than a candy bar?!!

And speaking of chocolate … I have always been a milk chocolate kind of girl.  EUROPEAN milk chocolate if I can get it!!  But lately, I’ve been easing into the world of dark chocolate.  I have successfully eaten 74% cocoa without regret – and have a 85% cocoa bar at home that I plan to make something with (kind of a breakfast bar with peanut butter and coconut oil).

I have a big ol’ jar of coconut oil at home, too … but so far, I haven’t done much with it.  I am just not used to using it.  There are several recipes I want to try with it in the future.

But for now, I’m just easing into this new way of eating and thinking.  It’s about time!  My old metabolism is definitely far slower than it used to be … and if I can keep this up, I won’t dread my upcoming triglyceride check-up in April!

To put things in perspective:


(by the way, ^this isn’t me^!  It’s a stock pic off google.)

And I’ve lost a brick and a half off my body.  Hopefully I’ll soon be a few more “bricks shy of a load” too.



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Spring is Springing



It’s almost SPRING!!!  We survived this weird yet not too bad winter.  At least in our part of the world.  The kids did end up having 4 (?) snow days off school – one of which was a bonus as our school’s parking lot just wasn’t safe even though the main streets were.

I love Spring (even though I realize it is not technically SPRING yet on our calendar).  Today at the pharmacy, we had both of our doors wide open, and the temperature outside was absolutely PERFECT.

There isn’t much new or exciting to post about right now.  Life has settled back into a pretty steady routine of work and school and work and school.  Spring Break is next week – but sadly, we have no where to go.

In the Spring time, my wandering mind turns to road trips and far away places …

I always thought I’d like to “settle down” after all the Army years of moving and exploring new areas.  But after 12 years in the middle-of-no-where in Missouri and even now, here in Arkansas, while we like it here, I miss traveling.  Granted it takes time … and money – two things our family doesn’t have much of right now.

I think of how different my childhood was from what my children have experienced.  We lived near Washington DC until I was 10 years old and every summer, I’d get on the big jumbo jet at Dulles International Airport and fly off to Germany.  Even when we moved to Knoxville, my yearly treks across the Atlantic continued – which led me to places like Paris and Amsterdam and Sofia (Bulgaria).   Subways, trains, and buses were just a normal part of my life.

Growing up in the Southern Midwest, my children know car trips … they know their surrounding states and maybe a few farther away places.   But other than Annie’s train trip to Chicago and Drew’s trip to Germany in 2012, they have such a limited glimpse of what a vast world we live in.  Not that their childhood has been bad, it has just been very limited compared to mine.

Granted, my children have always had a fairly-stable church influence in their lives – or at least have been surrounded by people who have Christian world views.   They’ve had parents who stayed married, schools/education that echoed what their parents taught.  In many ways, that is the secure and stable world I want them to know … but yet, I know I learned so much from the challenges of seeing different cultures, being in some very unusual circumstances, meeting such a variety of people.

The German world Wanderlust does describe exactly what sometimes gets into my head though … there is this desire to travel, to wander, to explore!  There are day dreams of places I want to see yet or the memories of those I’ve visited and loved.

Maybe one day we’ll have the resources to travel again … or perhaps our children will make their own plans to broaden their horizons … or maybe it won’t ever happen.  Either way, I’m sure things will become just as God knows is best.


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