“Call Me Cordelia”

I love the books and movies about Anne of Green Gables.   One of my favorite, most relatable scenes in Anne of Avonlea is when Anne waltzes with her imaginary partner in a meadow after Diana and Fred’s wedding.  She tells the invisible dancer that he may “call her Cordelia.”  Of course, Anne’s true love Gilbert catches her in the act and gets a good chuckle at her expense, endearing her to himself even more and probably inspiring his ensuing marriage proposal (which is rejected at this time … but eventually is accepted with one of my favorite movie lines ever:  “I don’t want diamond sunbursts and marble halls … I just want you.”).

Much like Anne, I too have grandiose dreams and high, perhaps unreasonable, expectations, a knack for the dramatic, and am occasionally caught in the midst of my daydreams … I am an introvert who spends a lot of time living inside my head, but my blog is an outlet for sharing my life, my family, and random thoughts, recording my days for my own remembrance.

I am an ordinary Hausfrau, a German-American, and am currently living somewhere I never expected to ever visit let alone love:  Northwest Arkansas; I am also a Christian seeking to serve God and learn more about His character daily.  I share my Haus with my husband of over 22 years – Daniel … and 3 great kids:  Drew (age 16), Annie-Belle (14), and our tag-along, MiMi who is 5 years old.

This blog also tells the story of my life – memories, events, and lessons learned along the way.  I grew up in Germany, the Washington DC area, and the beautiful state of Tennessee.  After Bible college, I married an Army officer, and our adventures took us from the west coast to the east coast to the middle of America as well as back to Germany and all over Europe for 12 whirlwind years.  Then we were in the ministry for almost 8 years, working for our church and its Christian school.  Currently, we have transitioned into my husband’s 3rd (and God willing, final) career, working in veterans health care.

By the way, you may “Call Me Cordelia”.

4 Responses to “Call Me Cordelia”

  1. Leslie Wilson says:

    Dear “Cordelia”!
    I too feel like I’ve met a kindred spirit! I found your blog because of Eric Metaxas’ Bonhoeffer you mentioned in your blog, which I am just now reading. After having spent a wonderful time with the LORD in His Word this morning, I decided to look up the Moravian readings and prayers because of the influence they had on Bonhoeffer. That’s how I found you! And what should I see on the page entitled “Courtesy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer”? A reference to one of my all-time favorite books! Anne of Green Gables! “Call me Cordelia” (I am smiling right now as I type!) Sweet! I am also of German heritage, (my maiden name is Schroeder) although it is lost on me – with the lapse of over 120 years of American assimilation and distance in family ties. Your German blog will help me learn about my heritage! I see you and I don’t live too far from one another – our family lives in Eastern Oklahoma 🙂 Maybe someday our paths will cross! I’d like that!
    Sincerely, Leslie

  2. Amy says:

    Welcome, Cordelia! I’m happy to see you here. 🙂

  3. ellie rae says:

    Do you have an e-mail?

  4. Angie says:

    Dear Cordelia, 🙂
    I feel like we could sit for a cup of “something” (I”m not a coffee drinker) and have a good long chat. I have a feeling we’re kindred spirits, just change some of the locations and I could have written your story! I didn’t know you grew up in the DC area – my own backyard. My husband and I were in ministry for the first 8 years of our marriage and then he transitioned to secular work. You have a big gap between the last two kids; I too have a big gap between # 2 & # 3 (almost 9 years). I married a full-blooded German American and I thought his grandmothers would just die when they found out I was an 11th generation Southern American with quite the hodgepodge of ancestry. I’ve tried to keep the German food traditions that my husband loves and have grown to identify with much of his heritage. I, too, am a homebody and live inside my head. I need quiet to cope. I love blogging; it’s a way to connect with family, old and new friends, without having to leave the comfort of home. Not everyone can come over and sit on the porch!
    Thanks for sharing!

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