Oh, Yeah … By the Way


Closing went very smooth on February 15. In fact, overall, everything about building/buying this house went fairly smooth! PRAISE THE LORD!

It still doesn’t seem quite real as we are still not sleeping at the new house quite yet … but we are getting there. One van, car or SUV load at a time ..

We started getting serious last Saturday when I was able to borrow my work’s delivery van to move some bigger items. We also needed a refrigerator. And friends, let me tell you – appliances are EXPENSIVE! I had some major sticker shock looking online at what to expect.

Thankfully, there are a few scratch-and dent places around here, and the first one we went to had a fridge both Dan and I really liked. But we wanted to make sure it was the best deal. And it was – so we were able to buy it and load it up in the work van, which also saved us a delivery fee.

There are a few scratches and dents .. but as my genius older daughter said, we can just put a cute magnet over those! ha! I compromised an in-door water dispenser, but the freezer does make ice. So yeah – I’m pretty pleased.

The best thing is this same fridge costs almost $700 more at Lowe’s – so I can definitely overlook the minor flaws.

Our area is supposed to get a big ice storm tomorrow through Thursday. School is already canceled, and I will probably get to go home at noon tomorrow – and be iced in for a day or so That is JUST PERFECT as I have a lot to organize at the rental house yet – and a lot to clean and touch up. And just maybe get in a good nap!

Stay tuned to see how we continue to down size as Project 1650 to 1340 continues …

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3 Responses to Oh, Yeah … By the Way

  1. Tanya says:

    Congratulations! Great that you found a deal on the fridge and ACTUALLY GOT it. Many people are having to wait a long time for them right now. 😮

  2. Amy says:

    So happy for you! And I love scratch and dent appliance stores. As frequent movers, most of our stuff has dings and scratches anyway. 😊

  3. Rebekah says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Love the new fridge too and yay for a good deal. Those are so expensive at the big box stores. It looks great.

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