Going Green / A Review

Ok, I’m putting it all out there:  here’s my kitchen sink from this morning.  Quite a variety of STUFF – dirty STUFF – there … from cutting boards to cookie sheets and baby food containers of various sorts ….

I have been using a product from the Ecostore USA to hand wash my dishes lately – and I must say – IT DOES THE JOB – without the nasty chemicals, which is a HUGE bonus … although I will admit I’m not the “greenest” person on the planet.  😉  I do care about the health of my family, and I am glad when “green” products are affordable and accessible.

I have been using the Ecostore DISHWASH LIQUID which sells on the website for $9 for 32 oz or $5.50 for 16 oz.  I had to get used to have fewer SUDS – but just because you have SUDS doesn’t mean your dishes are getting clean.  I especially like to think that something with NO NASTY CHEMICALS is touching the containers that I use for my baby’s food!  Oh, and all that dirty stuff in the picture above is now SQUEAKY CLEAN. 

I was also given the Baby Body Wash – and I had the same experience as with my dishes for my baby’s body.  🙂 

The above products are plant based – which is better for your health and better for the planet.  Again, I’m not a huge “greenie” but I do appreciate the fact that these products are CHEMICAL FREE.
My one slightly negative thought about the products are just the cost.  As a person on a budget – a tight budget – I’m not sure how willing I am to buy these products at a slightly higher cost than my regular grocery store products that I get on sale and using coupons.  Also, there is the convenience factor of having to order on-line – however, my experience with the company was they shipped fast (and with recycled packaging which is to be expected!).  🙂
I do think if being “green” and chemical free is important to you – or say, you had special health needs such as sensitive skin or eczema, then these products are WELL WORTH putting into your budget to purchase.
Want to learn more about the Ecostore and its products, check out their fun blog or their website.

This is a MamaBuzz review.  All products were provided at no cost to me by the Ecostore USA.

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