New Year – New House!

It is getting closer .. estimated house closing was January 31. And that’s just a few short weeks away. I think we’ll make it. That’s one – perhaps – good thing about a pre-planned house: you don’t get a lot of choices so you can’t make a lot of changes!! The builders just do their thing – and you watch.

Last we saw the house was around January 1st. We have floors, trim, kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Waiting on painting, bedroom carpets, counter tops, sinks, and appliances. EEK! Well, and the finishes like light fixtures, ceiling fans, and light switch covers .. oh – and don’t forget blinds and gutters!

Here’s my teeny tiny kitchen. Good news is I’m not an elaborate cook; I don’t have a huge family; and God did not give me the gift of hospitality. So this will be just fine. And who needs 47 places settings, 53 glasses, and 22 coffee mugs? Not ME! That’s how many dishes it feels like I’ve weeded out and donated to our local charity center.

I am getting a fairly sizable, flat kitchen island which will have space for a couple of stools and allow me to spread out a little. The builder gave me a little insight to how his own islands helps him maintain dishes: you won’t be able to stand the sight of dirty dishes and pans stacked up on it so you’ll be (hopefully) more apt to do them!!

Same style/color cabinets in the bathrooms.

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  1. Tanya says:

    So blinds come with the house? Or do you mean you have to get them? Looking good!

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